Oily Skin Hack: How to Keep Your Face and Foundation from Getting Oily.

by Angie <3

Hi guys & welcome back to Angie’s “Simply Beauty Blog! In this post, I’ll be sharing another hack, but this time, it’s how to make your makeup last ALL DAY without even the tiniest glimpse of shine! You heard it right, not even a tiny glimmer of shine on your face, all day! Are you ready for this life-changing easy hack against oily skin? Let’s get into it!

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have oily skin. I’ve always had oily skin and I feel that Florida weather doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever. Having oily skin, I hated how after a few hours into the day my makeup would start looking greasy and look as though it’s just melting off of my face. After those few hours passed, I would look like a straight-up oil slick. In order to combat that, I started using super magnifying touch-up powders throughout the day and blotting sheets. Sure, those worked, but it was just still so annoying how after a few hours my face would just be so oily and I had to do extra touch-ups. Those were basically all temporary solutions to a problem that I was hoping wouldn’t become permanent.

I started doing tons of research; stumbling upon the standard solutions and trying them all. No moisturizer in the morning before makeup, mattifying primers, mattifying foundations, I’ve tried basically all of it. Mattifying primers and foundations work but after a few hours, the oils would just start peeking through my makeup.

“Oily Skin is just SO frustrating!”

UNTIL! One day, I tried a hack that just changed my makeup game completely. I know it seems dramatic, but honestly, I am so sure of this hack and I can assure you it works. Before using this technique, I wouldn’t be able to go 2 hours without any touch ups, but now, I can go up to 8 hours without even a trace of oil on my face! HOW AMAZING?!

Are you ready for this SIMPLE way to change your makeup?! To make it last ALL DAY with NO SHINE?!? (I’m so excited to share this tip!) It may seem a little odd at first, but trust me, it’s revolutionary for any of us that have oily skin and need a little extra help throughout the day. Okay, enough hype and rambling, it’s time to transform your makeup game!

Steps to Reduce and Maintain Oily Skin

Step 1:

When I do my makeup, my first step is always a primer. It was definitely a step that I used to skip before, but now I can’t go a day without it. There’s many primers out there with each one catering to your specific needs. Since I have oily skin, I tend to gravitate toward the mattifying primers and pore minimizing ones as my base before my foundation.

Step 2:

Next, after I apply my primer I take my damp beauty blender and dip it into my loose powder. After getting a good amount of loose powder on the sponge, I tap it all over my face. Yes, right over my primer! I apply it over my entire face, forehead, basically everywhere. I add a good amount but definitely not too much. One way to tell that you applied enough powder in this step is to touch your face when you’re done applying it and it should feel like soft velvet. You’ll know you applied too much powder if you can feel it coming off when you touch your face! Your skin should literally feel like a thin layer of smooth velvet.

Step 3:

Once you have your layer of loose powder applied all over your primer, apply your favorite foundation and concealer! Then, set your makeup as normal, and your base is good to go for the entire day. Yes, I really do mean ALL DAY.

The beauty of this step cannot be described in words, but, I’m going to try. First, let’s start with the most obvious. This two second step makes your entire makeup last all day! There’s no need to even take any blotting powder with you anywhere you go, because your face will just be shine and oil-free. You don’t have to worry about checking the mirrors to see if your face looks good, because it will! The loose powder acts as a a barrier so that the oil can’t seep through it, working wonders underneath your foundation.

Another beautiful part of this step is that your foundation options are ENDLESS! You’re not limited to only using matte foundations and steering clear of illuminating ones. You can truly use any foundation that you choose! No need for any extra hassle finding a specific foundation that won’t make your skin oily all day.

“It’s Revolutionary!”

Sounds too good to be true right? Well honestly, it is! It’s wild to me how such a simple step in my makeup routine can just change my entire day. I can assure you that it works because I used to go to work and constantly take either touch up powder or blotting sheets to fix any issues throughout the day. AND! I always used a foundation that catered toward people with oily skin (which still ended up getting oily on me throughout the day).

Now, with this hack, I can even use an illuminating foundation that will give me a healthy dewy glow, all without becoming an oil slick! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could wear an illuminating foundation without looking like I dipped my face into a tub of oil. But, we’ve made it to that day!

I hope you guys like this little makeup hack to make your makeup last all day, shine-free! It’s such a game-changer that has transformed my makeup ever since I started to use this technique! If I know I’m going to an event or to a place where I need my makeup flawless for the entire day, this is the trick that gets me through it all.

Have you ever tried this technique? Did you like it?! Do you have any tips for making your makeup last all day? Let us know in the comments below!

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