BB Cream Vs CC Cream | The ULTIMATE Guide! [Updated 2023]

by Angie <3

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BB Cream vs CC Cream, that is the question on everyone’s mind. BB and CC Creams have been all the rave lately, but what do they really do and what’s the difference between the two? In this post, I’ll be breaking down the A to Z on all things BB and CC Cream and I’ll also be sharing with you my top 2 holy grails for each type! Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

What is BB Cream?

Let’s start with the basics of each product. First, what is a BB Cream? BB in BB Cream commonly stands for “blemish balm”, although it has a few more meanings floating around on the internet. To put it simply, BB Cream is basically a foundation that has added benefits for your skin. When it comes to the benefits, they typically vary from product to product, but they almost always have some kind of SPF protection in them. BB Creams typically also have a lighter coverage, meaning they tend to look more natural on your skin than a full coverage foundation. Additionally, BB Creams can be formulated for different skin types ranging from dry to normal to oily.

Now that I covered some of the basics, one of the questions that I want to hit on is the difference between a tinted moisturizer and a BB Cream since they sound super similar at their core. The difference is super simple: tinted moisturizer doesn’t tend to have all of the yummy benefits for your skin as a BB Cream would. Although both of them are super similar in terms of being lightweight with a lighter coverage to them, I feel as though a BB Cream edges out a tinted moisturizer simply because of the benefits that your skin can get from them.

Given everything that has been going on lately in the world around us, I’ve found myself veering away from typical foundations and reaching for BB Creams. I really like how they provide some coverage yet still look super-natural, are easy to apply, provide skincare benefits while wearing them (along with SPF), and since they’re lighter coverage, I’ve found that they work perfectly when wearing masks since they don’t really come off. After we talk about the world of CC Creams, I’ll share with you the BB Cream that I’ve been totally obsessed with and I haven’t been able to put down lately!

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