Milk Hydro Grip Primer DUPE! | ULTIMATE Dupe on a Budget [2023 Edition]

by Angie <3

Ever since I tried out my first primer, I noticed a difference in the way that my makeup looked and wore it throughout the entire day; I was hooked for life! Fast forward a few years later, I have been on the constant hunt for my perfect primer (or even a combination of primers) that just works magic on my face.

Milk Hydro Grip Primer DUPE! | ULTIMATE Dupe on a Budget

What is a Primer?

Before we get into the best dupe out there (I promise we’ll get there!), let me quickly first tell you about primer in general, what I look for in a primer and my skin. Primer, in general, is a step in my makeup routine that I use daily before I apply my foundation. This step preps my skin, and depending on what you are looking for, can address certain skin concerns and even affect the wearability of your base makeup (foundation, powders, bronzer, blush, etc.).

What I look for in Primers!

When it comes to what I look for in a primer, I look for it to do a few things. I have pretty oily skin, and although it has been getting a little less oily with the “chilly” Florida weather, it still gets oily. Since I have oily skin, my foundation tends to sort of slip off throughout the day and my face gets super shiny. Thus, this has led to many little makeup hacks (click here for the hack!) that help prevent my skin from getting oily.

However, sometimes, I don’t really have the time to really do those few extra steps when I’m getting ready so I look to a primer to really help reduce my oiliness throughout the day, mattify my skin, and really grip onto my base makeup. (Click here to read about THE best mattifying primer I’ve used to date!)

The last thing I look for in a primer is to reduce the appearance of my pores. I have pretty enlarged pores on my cheek area so I look for a primer to really fill that area and also reduce the look of the pores as well. So, as you can tell, primer is a very person-specific type of product. It really depends all on what you are looking for to address with your skin! To sum it all up, in a primer I look for it to really keep my makeup on my face throughout the day, to reduce shine, and to also reduce the appearance of my pores! (Seems like a lot, I know!)

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