The BEST Translucent Setting Powder for Oily Skin!

by Angie <3

If you have oily skin, then you definitely know the struggle of feeling your makeup start to literally slip off as the day comes to an end. I’ve dealt with this for so long and it didn’t matter what foundation or magical powder I applied, the oils started peaking out each and every time. I’ve searched near and far; through drugstore aisles, Sephora aisles, until I found the setting powder that made all of my worries vanish and the oils disappear. What powder is THE solution (the best translucent Setting Powder) for us oily skin makeup lovers? It’s the Wet N Wild Photofocus Translucent Setting Powder!

BEST Translucent Setting Powder
Wet n Wild Photofocus Translucent Setting Powder
BEST Translucent Setting Powder
Wet n Wild Photofocus Translucent Setting Powder

I’ve seen this Wet N Wild powder make its rounds around the beauty blogs but for some reason, I never really gave it a chance. I simply felt like there was just no hope for my skin and my makeup slipping off throughout the day was just inevitable. I got used to the life of carrying either a compact to touch-up near the end of the day or even carrying a small makeup brush with a matte fixing powder.

“… I’m here to tell you that there is DEFINITELY a miracle product out there…”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that there is DEFINITELY a miracle product out there that is a solution for all of our oily skin problems; hence, the best translucent Setting Powder! The Wet N Wild powder is weightless, silky and can be truly used for many things; setting your face, blotting your face, or even baking. I personally like to use this as a setting powder and have found it to be just *chef’s kiss emoji here*. To read about the basic A to Z’s on loose powder, check out my post by clicking HERE!

 best translucent Setting Powder
Wet n Wild Photofocus Translucent Setting Powder

On a daily basis, I either use a foundation (my holy grail lately has been the L’Oreal 24HR Freshwear) or a BB cream if I’m looking for something a little more natural. Underneath the foundation or bb/cc cream, I apply a mattifying pore-filling primer, and on top of the base I NEED to set it or else it’ll just be gone in a few hours. I dip my foundation sponge right into the Wet N Wild translucent powder and press it right into my skin over my foundation to set it. I make sure to apply extra attention to the areas where I get the most oil coming through during the day. For me, those areas are my cheeks, around my nose, and also my forehead.

“I know it sounds too good to be true, but this product really does it all!”

When applying this powder, you can put as many layers as you want and it will not bunch up, or make your foundation underneath look weird or cakey. It’s SO silky and lightweight, meaning it’s pretty much fool-proof and very easy to use. Another point to make with this product is that it’s completely translucent! Since it is, it won’t cause any oxidation or cause your foundation shade to change whatsoever.

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Aside from being lightweight, this powder is pure perfection to extend the longevity of your makeup throughout the day. I’m not even exaggerating, if I apply this powder around 10 a.m., I will still be matte and shine-free at least 10 hours later. Before using this product, I didn’t even think this was possible with my skin type. Whenever I wear this powder, I also notice that it blurs my face; it makes it look like a just have a soft blurring filter over my face. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this product really does it all!

“… I’m SHOCKED that a product can be so affordable yet work so great.”

If you are sensitive to scents, this product has NO scent at all! One thing I want to mention though, is that the powder is a tiny bit messy when you use it. The packaging is a little bulky and it doesn’t have a regulator or sifter for where the powder is dispersed from. For me, it really isn’t an issue because I’ll take a messy powder any day over oily skin! The best way to apply the powder is to tap some into the cap and dip your sponge right into it. However, be sure to not put too much at a time into the cap because then any extra powder that’s left in there would be wasted when you close it!

Aside from being complete and total perfection, the best part of this powder is the PRICE! This powder retails for $5.99 and I’m SHOCKED that a product can be so affordable yet work so great.

If you have oily skin, or even if you’re looking for an AMAZING powder, the best translucent Setting Powder, look no further than the Wet N Wild Photofocus Loose Setting Powder. This powder is silky, lightweight, mattifying, blurring, eliminates oils, extends the wear of your makeup, AND is affordable!!! I cannot recommend this product enough; it’s so worth giving a shot!

Have you ever tried this powder? If you have, do you like it as much as I do?! If not, what are some of your favorite powders? Let’s talk below! <3

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