The Best Loose Highlighter Ever – AND it’s AFFORDABLE!

by Angie <3

Best Loose Highlighter: My Obsession

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely obsessed with makeup. But, there’s one step that I hold closer to my heart above the rest. What step of my routine is that? It’s applying the best loose highlighter! Whether it’s a natural look for every day or if it’s a super glam evening look, I always make sure to apply highlight to my skin each and every time.

Since I’m such a fan of highlighter, I’m always on the hunt for the best product to give my skin that beautiful glow. Drugstore or high end; my love for highlight knows no price point or bounds, as long as it delivers that glow! Are you ready to find out my latest highlight obsession that has been GAME CHANGING? Let’s get started!

Your Questions Answered:

1. What’s the Point of Highlighter (highlight) Anyways?

Before I share about my newest and best loose highlighter obsession, let’s quickly go over the basics. To put it simple, highlight is an illuminator that attracts light; leading to the illusion of brightness wherever it is applied. Highlight can be used to accentuate certain features of the face and can also give you that glow from within look. Highlight can be applied either using a brush or sponge; and it can even be applied with your fingers! It all depends on the type of highlight you’re using.

2. Where do you Apply Highlighter?

Personally, I think that highlight can be used anywhere you really want to add some brightness. I apply my highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose, and also on my Cupid’s bow. By applying the product in those areas, it brings light those features and gives me a healthy glowy look to my skin. Sometimes, I even apply some to my forehead; I seriously can’t get enough of the glow!

3. Is Bronzer and Highlighter the same thing?

No! Bronzer is meant to be applied to your skin to add back some warmth after you apply your usual base makeup routine. Bronzers are typically warm toned, while contours are typically cool toned because they add a shadow to your skin. Highlighter is meant to illuminate and brighten certain parts of your face; or wherever it is applied! It adds a gorgeous healthy glow.

4. What types of Highlighters are Available?

One of the best (and also worst) things about highlighters is that there are so many options available! That’s the best because you really have endless options when it comes to that product. However, that can also be a con for beginners because it may seem a little overwhelming.

To break down the basics, there are 3 main types of highlight: Powder, Loose, and Cream/Liquid. All 3 of these types also have various finishes, for example some can give your skin a slight glimmer while some highlights can really give your skin that bam in-your-face metallic glow. My favorite type of highlight has always been a powder because it’s simple and has the most fuss-free application; you dip in your brush, apply, and you’re done! Liquid highlighters are also very easy to apply to the skin because you can just blend those out with your fingers. Of all of the 3 highlight types, my least favorite has always been a loose highlight because I always saw it as a complicated product that was just too messy. However, all of that changed when I tried the most magical highlight (best loose highlighter) that we’re about to discuss!

And Now… The Best Loose Highlighter for Cheap!

As I’ve mentioned a moment ago, I’ve never really ventured into the world of loose highlighters before because I thought it was too messy, complicated, and a little intimidating. But, a few weeks ago I was on a Target run and I stumbled upon a highlight that I’ve heard amazing things about but was too scared to try. On a whim, I decided to buy it and the rest is history.

Truly, this highlight is my favorite highlighter that I own, to date! What’s this magical product? It’s the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Loose highlighting powder. The second that I heard about this product, I was immediately intrigued because Wet n Wild has one of my favorite powder highlighters ever as well! Click here to Read about my favorite powder highlighters!

I picked up this best loose highlighter in the shade “I’m So Lit” and I couldn’t possibly be more impressed with a product!! For my skin tone, this shade is absolute perfection! It’s a champagne with just the right amount of gold and a little touch of silver as well. The highlighter is available in 3 additional shades; You Glow, Girl (Pink), Glow With The Flow (Gold), and All Grown Up (Bronze). To apply it, I use one of my favorite highlighting brushes. One warning: A little goes a VERY long way, and I mean VERY. When applying the powder, I typically just dip into what’s remaining on the cap and that tiny amount is more than plenty for my entire face!

“Truly, this highlight is my favorite highlighter that I own, to date!”

The Wet n Wild MegaGlo loose powder is so great (literally the best loose highlighter) because it’s very versatile in the kind of finish you’re left with. If you want a super blinding almost metallic sheen, this highlight can give you that. However, if you want a more natural looking glow from within, dip your brush into the cap and dust it lightly all over the fact for the subtle glow. Another thing that I absolutely adore about this highlight is that it’s not powdery whatsoever! After you apply it, it just melts in your skin and it really gives the appearance of glowy skin because of the way it just sits on the skin beautifully. Lastly, the highlight is not glittery whatsoever! The highlight really is just pure beautiful glow and I am completely IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

The best part about this highlight, is that it’s CHEAP! It retails for $7.49 from Ulta, and it is also available in Wal Mart and Target. I can assure you, a little tiny bit goes a very long way, so this highlight will last you a very long time!

Currently on sale for $6.85 HERE <——–

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