#1 Makeup Quiz: FREE Personalized Makeup Guides for You!

by Angie <3

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Makeup Quiz: FREE Personalized Makeup Guides

Just a few years ago, I was sitting, staring into a mirror at my grandmother’s house, with a foundation brush in my right hand. Unbeknownst to me, this was the moment I fell in love with makeup. For full transparency, I did not know what a “foundation brush” was, nor did I know what I was doing; neither did my grandma, but did we have fun! All I knew at that moment was that something so simple, a brush (which I was convinced was meant for painting art galleries and clown makeup) could bring such a smile to my face.

In the beginning, I was a hot mess! Whatever powder, lipstick, or cream my grandma had in her collection, I grabbed. The sky was the limit; three blushes, two eyeshadows, and lipstick from dimple to dimple (why not!). In time, and after several conversations of me wasting all of my grandma’s makeup, I started to learn the process and the correct way of applying each and every layer.

During this time, it hit me; if only there was a resource, a makeup quiz or makeup guide, that could not only show me the steps of applying makeup but recommended products to start off with. Keep in mind, I know the answer nowadays is TikTok or YouTube, but during 2006, all we had was trial and error. I learned a lot since 2006 and that same thought I had over 17 years ago hit me; are there any makeup quizzes or guides to help others going through what I went through so long ago? The answer was no!

Being the “tech-savvy queen” that I am (NOT), I grabbed my husband and simply said, “Makeup quiz, now!” I will be honest, the word “now” ended up being 2 months, but I am proud to say, the quiz was completed. It had to be perfect; typical Simply Beauty Blog style! Every product, every step, for every skin type and occasion – this makeup quiz could not have been put together any better!

Down below, you will find my first Makeup Quiz! Answer the questions to the best of your ability and your skin type will be matched to a personalized makeup guide. How crazy is that?!

Makeup Quiz | How Is This Different Than the Rest?

The Simply Beauty Blog makeup quiz helps match personalized recommendations for your skin types! Through a series of questions, the makeup quiz gets to understand what skin type you have to showcase the correct guide that fits your very needs. Not only does this makeup quiz take into account your particular skin type, but I have laid out a step-by-step makeup guide on what products you should definitely use, when, and in what order. Usually, other makeup quizzes, simply help with shade matching a particular product or helping to choose one product out of a product line; here on this makeup quiz, I put in the work to give you the entire spectrum!

Back in 2006, this is EXACTLY what I needed… help! So many products to choose from for so many occasions, not even understanding how they work / affect my skin type. Trust me, back then, my skin was very confused, just like I was, because the sheer amount of products being put on it was iconically high! I could definitely continue on how this makeup quiz is going to bring a level of personalized makeup guides to you, that rivals the all the options out there, but I want you to see it for yourself. Please click on the button below and get ready to look fabulous!

Just to let you know, there are two versions: Glam and Natural makeup. If you fill out the quiz twice, changing your first answer choice, you can receive two guides for either situation 💕

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