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by Angie <3

Hi everyone and welcome back to Angie’s “Simply Beauty Blog!” In today’s post, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into a brand I’ve been sleeping on for way too long, Colourpop!

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Being a makeup-obsessed junkie, I’ve heard about Colourpop for many years now. I didn’t really know too much except that they were an affordable brand, and that they had some quality products. Despite the brand being pioneers in regards to their pricing and top notch quality, I for some reason, was just not convinced to give anything a try. At first, I felt as though the brand was sort of like Morphe. Not in terms of their products, but more in terms of the way that the brand was being pushed down our throats by beauty guru influencers.

A little harsh? Let me explain.

Brand’s like Colourpop and Morphe, in my opinion, have broken the mold when it comes to the makeup community. Both of the brands release products fairly quickly (although Colourpop is definitely much more efficient), and they also sell the products at a price point where it won’t break the bank. The only issue that I initially had with both of these brands was that almost every single beauty influencer that I watched on YouTube had a discount code with these brands. Not only did they have a discount code, but they were truly just talking about these products as if they’re made of the finest gold and convincing us that we just NEEDED to have them in our lives.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with beauty influencers promoting a brand, I just felt a little skeptical about if the reviews and recommendations were truly unbiased and accurate. Thus, that led me to sort of shy away from these brands and to admire from afar.

Fast forward to today, Colourpop is seriously all that I see on my Insta feed! They release a new product almost weekly, and not just a product, but a full COLLECTION. They have multiple sister brands, they listen to their demographic in terms of what they’re looking for in products, they have amazing packaging, innovative products, and they just release super cute items.

As time went on, my intrigue with the brand kept growing by the second. I was just so curious as to how in the world do they sell just such top quality cult-favorite products at such a low price, and I was wondering if the quality was really as good as everyone made it seem. I also really like how the brand collaborated with some my favorite influencers; Kathleen Lights, iluvsarahii (Karen) and MakeupShayla, to name a few. A few years ago, I just couldn’t hold off any longer and I purchased the Kathleen Lights collab, the Dream Street palette, and the second I used it I just KNEW I was a fan of the brand. Click here to read why I love DreamStreet Palette so much!

For years, the only place to purchase any Colourpop products was their website. I felt as though this was a little barrier for me at first because I couldn’t look at the shades in person, feel the formulas, swatch the shadows, nothing! In 2018, Colourpop finally launched at Ulta Beauty and the makeup community was rejoicing. They began to sell items both online as well as in the Ulta stores. Although they don’t sell every item in their range, they sell their trending products as well as must-need staple products. When news broke that Ulta was carrying Colourpop, I immediately went to my nearest store because I so excited to be able to finally see more of the brand in person.

Impressed isn’t even the word. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, seeing a brand that I’ve had my eye on for such a long time; swatching up and down my arms until there was truly no space left.

The packaging felt nice, the super shock shadows swatched amazing, the lip glosses felt non-gritty; I was just stunned! After that initial visit, I was pretty much hooked on the brand and I knew that I just had to pick up something to add to my collection. Thus, that leads us to this post!

In this post, I’ll letting you in on the products that I have and ADORE. These products have become staples in my everyday makeup routine and I just need to share it with the world how amazing they are. The product’s we’ll be talking about are the: Super Shock Shadow (in the shade Sailor), Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette, and the BFF Mascara.

Let’s start off with the Super Shock Shadow.

One thing that Colourpop is known for is creating an eye-shadow that has an innovative twist. Basically, just pumping up on the volume and giving us a truly unique product. So what exactly is a Super Shock Shadow? Essentially, it’s an eye-shadow that has a putty-like bouncy texture. It’s blendable and also has minimal fall out when used. The shadows are available in both shimmer finishes as well as matte and they have a signature cream to powder formula. These shadows claim to provide bold color and fine glitter all in one swipe. Lastly, these shadows retail for only $6 each! They are sold online on Colourpop’s website, and they are also sold at Ulta (both in stores and online).

This eye-shadow formula is so different and impressive, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s so easy to blend and the color payoff is definitely there. My favorite shade of the Super Shock Shadows is Sailor, which is described as a warm beige with multi-dimensional glitter. This color is just plain GORGEOUS (yes, it’s that good it deserved an underline!). It has a peachy/light gold base and it’s packed with blue and silver glitter reflects. The color is so multi-dimensional because in one way it looks like a metallic white gold and when you shift your eye (or hand if you’re swatching) it’s packed with blue glitter. It’s such a unique shade and I can confidently say I’ve never owner anything like it before.

To apply the product, I use my finger and just tap it all over my eyelid. By using your finger, you have more control over where the product is applied and it also just makes the glitter shade have that extra pop. I’ve never really tried to use a glittery product with a brush because I prefer the more intense finish on the eye when you use your finger. Not to mention, if you apply it with your finger it takes only a few seconds and bam, you’re done! I used this on my eye with an eyeshadow base (the Urban Decay primer potion) and it wore throughout the night without any sight of creasing or fading whatsoever. I also noticed how although this shade was PACKED with glitter, I didn’t have any fall out on my face or little blue sparkles anywhere except my eyes.

Not seeing any little glitter reflects all over my face is definitely a huge plus for this shadow!

I HIGHLY recommend trying out the Super Shock formula and especially the Super Shock Shadow in the shade Sailor. I picked mine up at my local Ulta so I recommend heading in store so you can feel the formula for yourself and swatch the color to see it’s true beauty; words can’t really do it any justice. I really hope you’ll fall in love with it just as I did!

In this angle, you can see that the shadow also appears to have a light white gold base and packed with blue as well as multi-dimensional glitter!

Next product up on our list is the Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette.

I recently received this palette as a birthday gift and I have been totally obsessed since the second I got it. When I say obsessed, I mean I literally open up the palette just in awe of the gorgeous colors. The palette retails for $12 and it has 9 shades. The palette is described as a pastel monochromatic palette with multiple finishes for their eye-shadows; pressed powder eye-shadows (both matte and metallic) as well as a Pressed glitter. The palette is exclusively sold on Colourpop’s website.

When it comes to eye-shadow, I am most definitely a neutral fanatic. I love bright beautiful shades, however, I tend to always lean towards the neutral shades because they’re more practical for day to day wear. Over the past few months, Colourpop has been launching monochromatic palettes and collections; the Strawberry Shake palette (monochromatic pinks and reds), the Lilac you a lot palette (purple monochromatic), the Uh-huh Honey palette (monochromatic yellows), the Orange you glad? palette (monochromatic oranges), Main Squeeze palette (bright monochromatic reds and oranges) as well as the Blue Moon Palette (monochromatic blues). There’s a few more monochromatic palettes on their site as well. Side note: Aren’t the names just so cute? And believe it or not, but the packaging is even cuter!

Each time I saw those monochromatic palettes, I immediately loved the packaging, the naming, and that there was a cohesive theme in the shadows. However, none of those palettes really screamed out to me until I laid eyes on the Baby Got Peach Palette. If you love using peachy shades, then this is the palette for you! It’s full of neutral shades, metallics, and it also has a pressed glitter shade. As I just mentioned, I’m a neutrals kind of girl and this palette has the perfect balance of wearable neutrals while also including some colors that could add a pop if color to your look without going overboard. The mattes are super pigmented and they’re also very build-able. I really love that about these shadows because it allows you to build up the color gradually instead of depositing a whole ton of one shade. You can really control whether you have a pop of peach in your crease or a full blown peach moment on your undereye.

The metallics in the palette are super smooth and they’re BLINDING. Another note, is that the metallics are just as build-able as the mattes. What exactly do I mean by that? Let me explain! In the palette there’s a shade called “Ready or Yacht”. In the pan, this shade looks pretty pink and on the Colourpop site it’s described as being an “icy tangerine”. I used this color the other day with my finger; I dipped into it, didn’t pick up much product, tapped it on my lid and I was in awe!

The shade is SO glittery and beautiful but if you use a light hand and don’t apply too much, it just leaves a slight glitter on your eye without any of the tangerine or pink color. It just glimmers in the light and looks heavenly. However, if you’re looking for a brighter pink metallic, just apply a little more of the shade and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

As you can tell by now, this palette is truly just flat out amazing and I adore it so much. It retails for $12 for 9 shades and it’s a complete STEAL! I highly highly highly recommend checking out the Colourpop site and picking this beauty up; you won’t regret it! *Also, this palette comes with an amazing pretty good-sized mirror as well. So so worth it!*

The Packaging
The Shade Names!

The last product that I’ve been loving is the BFF Mascara. One thing about me, other than being makeup obsessed, is that I adore mascara. I just love the way eyelashes make my eyes pop and it’s probably one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine.

Although I love having long and voluminous lashes, I’ve never really been a fan of appealing false lashes. Why? For me, I always just thought that the process was a little time consuming and when I tried it a few times I felt as though it looked so unnatural and it was plain uncomfortable to wear falsies. Thus, I’ve always been on the hunt for a mascara to give me a false lash effect, all without the fuss of applying false lashes! Throughout the years, I’ve tried some mascara’s that have just stunned me; click here to read about them!

Fast forward to about a month ago, I was at my local Ulta and I just felt like I wanted something new. Did I need something new? Probably not. Did I want something new? Definitely yes! Although I was itching to try something new out, I was looking for a product that intrigued me but was also on a budget.

I passed by the Colourpop display and I was immediately convinced. I was mesmerized by how many mascara’s the brand offered! The display included brown mascara, black mascara, blue mascara, purple mascara, and pink mascara. I immediately picked up a tube to take a look at the applicator and I just knew I had to give it a shot. When looking online, the mascara retails in the following colors: burgundy, brown, coral, black, red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, teal, and periwinkle; there’s pretty much a color for everyone out there!

With mascara’s I’m looking for a product that curls my lashes, lengthens them, and doesn’t budge throughout the day. Also, since I apply many coats I prefer a mascara that builds nicely and doesn’t bunch up into spider lashes. This product does EXACTLY everything that I’m looking for. The applicator has a nice curve to it so it really lifts my lashes, fans them out, and curls them so nicely. If I had to compare the applicator to another mascara I’ve used, it would be close to the L’Oreal Lash Paradise and the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I purchased the BFF Mascara in black and the color is super dark and coats my lashes perfectly. I also loved how the product didn’t really smudge throughout the day; it just wore great, and gave me voluminous lashes all day!

The product retails for $8 and it’s sold both on the Colourpop site as well as at Ulta Beauty (online and in-store). Although I picked up one of the most boring shades ever (I know, I know) I was just super curious about how the actual mascara was; the formula, the color, and its performance. Now that I know how amazing it is, I’m definitely going to be branching out and trying out some different colors! If you’re looking for a new affordable mascara that wears nicely, doesn’t clump, gives you volume, and has amazing color pay-off; then this one is the one for you!

BFF Mascara Tube
Close up view of the Wand!

Colourpop is a brand that I’ve been neglecting for too long and now, it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite brands! I hope you guys liked this post and the products mentioned! If there’s any stand out products that I should try from the brand, let me know in the comments below! <3 As always, thank you so much for checking out our blog; it means the world to us.

Have you ever tried Colourpop? Was I a little too late to the party? What’re some of your favorite products? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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