Colourpop: My Go To Makeup Brand

by Angie <3

Hi everyone and welcome back to Angie’s “Simply Beauty Blog!” In today’s post, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into a brand I’ve been sleeping on for way too long, Colourpop!

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Colourpop: My Go To Makeup Brand

Being a makeup-obsessed junkie, I’ve heard about Colourpop for many years now. I didn’t really know too much except that they were an affordable brand, and that they had some quality products. Despite the brand being pioneers in regards to their pricing and top-notch quality, I for some reason was just not convinced to give anything a try. At first, I felt as though the brand was sort of like Morphe. Not in terms of their products, but more in terms of the way that the brand was being pushed down our throats by beauty guru influencers.

Brand’s like Colourpop and Morphe, in my opinion, have broken the mold when it comes to the makeup community. Both of the brands release products fairly quickly (although Colourpop is definitely much more efficient), and they also sell the products at a price point where it won’t break the bank. The only issue that I initially had with both of these brands was that almost every single beauty influencer that I watched on YouTube had a discount code with these brands. Not only did they have a discount code, but they were truly just talking about these products as if they’re made of the finest gold and convincing us that we just NEEDED to have them in our lives.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with beauty influencers promoting a brand, I just felt a little skeptical about if the reviews and recommendations were truly unbiased and accurate. Thus, that led me to sort of shy away from these brands and to admire from afar.

Fast forward to today, Colourpop is seriously all that I see on my Insta feed! They release a new product almost weekly, and not just a product, but a full COLLECTION. They have multiple sister brands, they listen to their demographic in terms of what they’re looking for in products, they have amazing packaging, and innovative products, and they just release super cute items.

Colourpop: Great Quality for a Great Price

As time went on, my intrigue with the brand kept growing by the second. I was just so curious as to how in the world do they sell just such top-quality cult-favorite products at such a low price, and I was wondering if the quality was really as good as everyone made it seem. I also really like how the brand collaborated with some my favorite influencers; Kathleen Lights, iluvsarahii (Karen) and MakeupShayla, to name a few. A few years ago, I just couldn’t hold off any longer and I purchased the Kathleen Lights collab, the Dream Street palette, and the second I used it I just KNEW I was a fan of the brand. Click here to read why I love DreamStreet Palette so much!

For years, the only place to purchase any Colourpop products was their website. I felt as though this was a little barrier for me at first because I couldn’t look at the shades in person, feel the formulas, swatch the shadows, nothing! In 2018, Colourpop finally launched at Ulta Beauty and the makeup community was rejoicing. They began to sell items both online as well as in the Ulta stores. Although they don’t sell every item in their range, they sell their trending products as well as must-need staple products. When news broke that Ulta was carrying Colourpop, I immediately went to my nearest store because I so excited to be able to finally see more of the brand in person.

Impressed isn’t even the word. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop, seeing a brand that I’ve had my eye on for such a long time; swatching up and down my arms until there was truly no space left.

The packaging felt nice, the super shock shadows swatched amazing, the lip glosses felt non-gritty; I was just stunned! After that initial visit, I was pretty much hooked on the brand and I knew that I just had to pick up something to add to my collection. Thus, that leads us to this post!

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