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by Angie <3

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Sunburns | Do You Smell Something Cooking?!

That’s exactly what I said during our most recent Royal Caribbean cruise adventure, haha! Our cruise just docked in the Bahamas and we were off to a private island excursion; highly recommend snorkeling at Pearl Island! We took a private boat with our group and made our way to the island. Once we got there, we had about 30 minutes to put our things away, grab a life vest for the quick snorkeling guide, and grab some water. Within these 30 minutes, I made a big mistake…

For some reason, I decided I wanted to get “color” from this vacation; proof that I was on a cruise to show the world; boy, did I get color! Instead of using the appropriate sunscreen for the skin-burning sun, I decided to use SPF 15 (sun protection factor 15) that included tanning oil in it… My husband strictly advised against this… but I was dead set on getting that “color” I mentioned earlier. Sun protection factor 15, tanning oil, and no reapplication… long story short, both of us were boiled lobsters, aching from pain every time we moved in bed, put on clothes, and simply moved.

It wasn’t just the pain that was bad, nor was it the added stress put on our first real vacation together, it was also the “sun poisoning” diagnosis we got from our lovely doctors. Constant nausea for about a month, skin peeling for weeks on end, and random spikes in fever/temperature. Sunburns are the real deal!

You see, sunburns aren’t just an inconvenient result of enjoying the great outdoors; they can actually wreak havoc on your long-term health. What might seem like a harmless day of fun in the sun can lead to premature aging, damaged skin, and even skin cancer. That’s why it’s crucial to know the ins and outs of sunburns, including how sunburns happen, how to prevent sunburns, and how to treat sunburns if you do get a little too “crispy.”

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