Makeup Collection Storytime: Palettes

by Angie <3

For me, makeup has always meant so much more than just something that adds color to my face. Makeup has a way of making me feel beautiful and the process of applying it is so relaxing for me. Almost each makeup item I own has a significant meaning to me, beyond the product. I decided to start a storytime series so that I can show you guys my makeup collection and also share some stories so you can get to know me a little better ๐Ÿ™‚ This first post in the series will be about palettes!

Styled By Hrush Face Palette – Tarte

Aside from being a beautiful face palette, this palette is one that started my love for blush! I always felt like I looked like a legit clown when I applied blush to my cheeks, no matter how much or how little. I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas 2016 and I picked this palette up. After getting it, I was obsessed with the beautiful blush shade and the eyeshadows, and the rest was history. I use this blush quite often and I haven’t even hit pan yet!

Soft & Sultury Eyeshadow Palette – Milani

Continuing the makeup collection storytime, this palette is fairly new but it definitely has an amazing memory associated with it. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays; food, family, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a dog show, AND relaxing, what can be better? Thanksgiving 2018 Black Friday was full of shopping, but both Daniel and I couldn’t find any deals worth standing in never-ending lines for. Our last stop of the night was Wal-Mart.

Walking in at 12 a.m., I knew I was ready to make a purchase so I can at least say I bought something on Black Friday. After making our rounds around the store, I wound up in the makeup aisle (of course), and found this hidden gem of a palette. I know this is not really a worthy black Friday purchase, but it brought me so much happiness! I love the natural everyday shades and the overall look of the palette; I’m so impressed with it.

Dream Street Eyeshadow Palette – Colourpop

One of my favorite Youtubers to watch is Kathleenlights. I love how sweet she is and she is so so good at doing her makeup. She came out with this collab so long ago and ever since the day she revealed it, I’ve had my eyes on it. When I say that I’ve put this in my cart at least 11 times, that’s probably an understatement. I always told myself “You won’t use the colorful shades” and quickly deleted it from my cart. Then I’d log on the next time to do some online shopping, and put it right back into the cart. This was a constant cycle until one day I told myself “Just get it already!!!” Fast forward to getting the palette, I was mesmerized!

Not only is it super affordable, the quality of the shadows is top level. Shortly after purchasing it, I decided to do a semi-bold look (I was still intimidated by the colorful shades), with the shades Magical, Shooting Star, Spark, Potion, and Twinkle. I felt so self-conscious because the look was much bolder than something I’d usually do. That day, Daniel and I had plans to go out. I met him in the lobby of my building and the second I saw him, he said “Oooo I love your eyeshadow”; and it was true swoon-central. I felt so pretty, so confident, and happy with my purchase that was made a few months too late. This pallete left a lasting impression on me that I couldn’t have left it out of my makeup collection storytime post.

Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette – Kylie Cosmetics

This was actually one of my first actual eyeshadow palettes and the story associated with it definitely kicks it to the top of my makeup collection storytime! I had my eye on this palette because of the beautiful bronze shades and warm tones, but the steep price tag always steered me away. Who knew that this palette would be the palette would be the one I hold so close to my heart? Let me explain. I always loved makeup but I wasn’t really confident in my abilities to do my eyes. This palette was ALL over my Instagram but I knew I couldn’t spend so much on a palette, especially when I didn’t know how to use it.

Christmas 2016 Daniel & I did a gift exchange. I rip the wrapping paper off (I’m one of those people) and I got this palette! I was so surprised, happy, and excited all at once. You wouldn’t believe how thankful I was for my man to surprise me with this palette and I wore at least 1 shadow from the palette daily; I was THAT obsessed. Grocery store? Work? Target? Didn’t matter! I finally had my dream palette!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Perfect Smokey Eye Palette – Deborah Milano

Never heard of this brand? Until I got these shadows, I didn’t either! My parents and my sister went on vacation to Spain the summer of 2017. I couldn’t go with them because I was studying for my Dental Admission Test coming up. It totally sucked cause I missed my family but my mom brought me back this souvenir for me! (Of course it was makeup related.) At first, I was grateful but not as excited because I didn’t really know the brand or anything about the shadows. Once I used them, I was so impressed! The shadows are so creamy, smooth, and glittery! They add a special touch to any eye look and they’re a little of piece of Spain ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you guys enjoy my little story about each product! Do you have any makeup product stories?!

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