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Colourpop: Super Shock Shadow

One thing that Colourpop is known for is creating an eye-shadow that has an innovative twist. Basically, just pumping up on the volume and giving us a truly unique product. So what exactly is a Super Shock Shadow? Essentially, it’s an eye-shadow that has a putty-like bouncy texture. It’s blendable and also has minimal fall out when used. The shadows are available in both shimmer finishes as well as matte and they have a signature cream to powder formula. These shadows claim to provide bold color and fine glitter all in one swipe. Lastly, these shadows retail for only $6 each! They are sold online on Colourpop’s website, and they are also sold at Ulta (both in stores and online).

This eye-shadow formula is so different and impressive, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s so easy to blend and the color payoff is definitely there. My favorite shade of the Super Shock Shadows is Sailor, which is described as a warm beige with multi-dimensional glitter. This color is just plain GORGEOUS (yes, it’s that good it deserved an underline!). It has a peachy/light gold base and it’s packed with blue and silver glitter reflects. The color is so multi-dimensional because in one way it looks like metallic white gold and when you shift your eye (or hand if you’re swatching) it’s packed with blue glitter. It’s such a unique shade and I can confidently say I’ve never owner anything like it before.

To apply the product, I use my finger and just tap it all over my eyelid. By using your finger, you have more control over where the product is applied and it also just makes the glitter shade have that extra pop. I’ve never really tried to use a glittery product with a brush because I prefer the more intense finish on the eye when you use your finger. Not to mention, if you apply it with your finger it takes only a few seconds and bam, you’re done! I used this on my eye with an eyeshadow base (the Urban Decay primer potion) and it wore throughout the night without any sight of creasing or fading whatsoever. I also noticed how although this shade was PACKED with glitter, I didn’t have any fall out on my face or little blue sparkles anywhere except my eyes.

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