The BRAND NEW Best Drugstore Mascara that will give you LONG & VOLUMINOUS lashes!!

by Angie <3

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the biggest mascara junkie, searching for the best drugstore mascara money can buy. Trying out new mascara’s is one of my favorite things, so much so, that even my boyfriend sometimes says “But you already have mascara!” when I pick one up at the store. Well, it’s not that simple, at least with me, because I can NEVER have enough mascara; drugstore mascara and all!

Brands are constantly marketing mascara’s almost every day, at least it seems that way. They release new mascara’s claiming all of these amazing things, and I’m such a sucker for all of it! Since I’ve never been a fan of false eyelashes, I’ve been turning to mascara to give me volume, lift, and curl to my not-so-long natural lashes. Through the years, I’ve definitely acquired a few ride or die favorites, but that doesn’t mean the search stops!

Drugstore Mascara

I’ve always been a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to purchase quality makeup. Undoubtedly, when it comes to certain makeup and skin care products, there are definitely some splurge-worthy luxury products that are just unbeatable. However, I feel there are many products available at the drugstore that are affordable for the everyday makeup lover, all while being comparable to high-end products in terms of quality!

A few weeks while I was at my happy place, Target, I stumbled on a new mascara that made me feel like I just NEEDED it in my life! After using this mascara each time I applied my makeup, I’ve grown to be completely IN LOVE with this product! What is this mascara?!

“It’s the Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara!”

Best Drugstore Mascara: Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift

From the very first moment I used this mascara, I immediately knew it was going to be absolutely amazing; the best drugstore mascara. Usually, it takes a few uses to get the mascara to work its magic, but this one was total perfection from the start! This mascara works great to really separate your lashes, curl them, and gives an UNBELIEVABLE lift, honestly, I was stunned!

“It just instantly gives you fluttery, long, voluminous lashes.”

Apart from being so great, this mascara also layers incredibly well. It doesn’t clump up, and it doesn’t flake throughout the day either. It just instantly gives you fluttery, long, voluminous lashes. I also use it for my bottom lashes and it works great to also separate each individual lash!

One of my holy grail mascara hacks has always been to apply a primer before I go in with mascara. Click HERE to read about my thoughts on mascara primer! Another mascara tip of mine has always been to layer mascara’s to really get that final effect that you want with your lashes. I honestly couldn’t believe it, but, the Maybelline mascara changed the way I apply my mascara! This mascara requires NO layering whatsoever because it gives me everything I look for in my lashes; length, curl, hold, volume, it lasts throughout the day and just makes my lashes look like pure gorgeousness!!!

“… it gives me everything I look for in my lashes; length, curl, hold, volume, it lasts throughout the day and just makes my lashes look like pure gorgeousness!!!

This mascara retails for $10.49 and it’s available at Target (the best place on Earth), Ulta, as well as most drugstores! I have mine in the shade “Blackest Black” but it is also available in black, as well as a brown black. If you’re a fan of waterproof mascara, this product is also available in the waterproof version as well! I’m not a huge lover of water-proof mascara because although it lasts, it is SO difficult to completely take off at the end of the day.

I hope you guys give this amazing mascara a shot and love it as much as I do!!! What are some of your favorite drugstore mascara’s? High-end mascara’s? Let’s talk below! <3

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