The Best Mascara Hacks (Tips) that will Change Your Life!

by Angie <3

Looking for the Best Mascara Hacks (Tips) for the Perfect Lashes? Tired of the “Trial and Error” in figuring out what works and what doesn’t?

Well, Simply Beauty Blog has you covered! I’ll be sharing with you the BEST Mascara Hacks (Tips) to give you long, beautiful, and voluminous lashes that last ALL DAY!

Yes, you read it right! The Best Mascara Hacks (Tips) that last ALL DAY!

All day wear with no smudges on your face, just pure lash heaven. I’ll be breaking down the products needed to give you maximum volume and hacks (tips) to avoid those daily little issues that mascara can give us! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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1) Before you start applying, use a Lash Curler

My first tip for the best mascara hacks (tips) for beautiful lashes is to use a Lash Curler. Yes, there are definitely tons of mascaras out there that claim to curl your lashes and make them longer and appear more full, however, the process starts way before you actually apply your mascara. When you use a Lash Curler on each eye for about 20-30 seconds, it really lifts and curls your lashes from the base all the way to the tip! It gets your lashes in the optimum position for maximum curl that your mascara will deliver.

A tip that I’ve found to using a Lash Curler is that it doesn’t have to only be used when applying makeup on top! On those days where I don’t have enough time to put a drop of makeup on and need to run out the door, I just use the Lash Curler to give my lashes a natural lift, instantly making it look like my eyes are more awake and open!

2) Next, use a Lash Primer!

As I mentioned in my post all about the ins and outs of how to get perfect long and voluminous natural lashes, the number one secret to having long lashes with volume and curl that last all day is a Lash Primer! For years, I didn’t think Lash Primer was necessary and that it was just an extra step in my makeup routine, however, it really WORKS! Just like primer for your face before you apply foundation, Lash Primer really gives your eyelashes that perfect base. They lift the lashes, condition them, and coat them so that when you apply mascara, you don’t use as much; alongside providing instant volume! Truly, my life changed when I began to use Lash Primer and I could not possibly recommend this step more. It’s a true game changer if you haven’t tried it out!

For my all time favorite lash primers, click here!

3) Mascara Smudges? Use DHC Olive Oil Swabs

This next product that I am recommending as part of the best mascara hacks (tips), is truly a life saver! For some reason, almost every time that I apply mascara, there just HAS to be some sort of transfer on the my eyelid. It’s so annoying! What’s even worse is that when I go to clean it up, it either messes up my lashes or just smears mascara all over my lid! For years, I would use a cotton swab, dip it in some makeup remover, and wipe it away. However, I found that using a cotton swab that close to my lashes tended to mess them up and also, didn’t work to well if I applied eye shadow before my mascara because it would mess up the shadows. But! Everything changed when I discovered this miracle product.

The product is small cotton swabs that are pre-moistened with olive oil! Before you think this product is just too weird, let me tell you that when I first heard about it my initial reaction was “no way!” I didn’t want to add any extra oil to my lids than I already had! However, these cotton swabs have the tiniest amount on them with just enough to clean up any mess that the mascara may have left on your eyelids. The best part? They’re so tiny and precise! It doesn’t matter where the smudge may be, these swabs are absolutely perfect for everything! They work not only to adjust any little mishaps with mascara, but they also work amazingly in adjusting your liquid eyeliner. They help to fix any smudges or mistakes and they can even be used to make the line more precise!

The last amazing things about these swabs is that they can even be used on top of your eye shadow if any mascara happens to smudge on it. They’re pre-moistened with just the right amount of oil to clean up any mess, all without making an additional mess! This product is a MUST HAVE!

4) For Dramatic, Voluminous Lashes with a Curl that lasts, Layer!

Next up on my best mascara hacks (tips) for long and voluminous lashes is to layer your mascara! I can’t even tell you the last day when I wore either one layer of mascara or one specific mascara, for that matter. I personally love a very lifted, full, and voluminous look when I apply my mascara. One of my top secrets for getting a false lash effect with my lashes every time is applying many layers (not too many, we don’t want clumpy lashes!) and also layering different types of mascaras. Certain mascaras work great to give you that curl and lift, but others work better on top to really lengthen and separate the lashes. Thus, I highly recommend finding out which mascaras work great for you, and next time you apply them, try to layer them and see what a difference it can make! For my all-time favorite mascaras that I swear by, click here!

5) To Avoid any Transfer under your Lower Lash Line, Bake!

One of my favorite things about mascara, is applying it on my lower lash line. I love applying many layers because it really gives the eye some definition, adds a little bit of drama, and lengthens your lower lashes! However, one huge pet peeve of mine that I’ve found over the years is when my lower lash mascara smudges underneath my eye. It’s truly THE WORST! If I try to clean it up and get rid of it, I would just ruin my face makeup underneath and it would be a mess every single time! So, I started to look up ways to avoid this annoying little issue and I’ve found the perfect solution! It all starts with baking! No, not baking a cake, but, baking your under eye area! How do you do this?

First, finish up your face makeup entirely. Foundation, bronzer, the whole 9-yards. Then, apply your upper mascara like you normally would. Next, before you apply your lower lash mascara, place a layer of your favorite loose setting powder underneath your eye. Trust me, although you’re applying this on top of your completed makeup, this won’t cause anything to crease or any weird cakey-ness! Now, all you do, is apply the mascara and allow it to dry while leaving the powder underneath. I typically leave it on for as long as I can, sometimes even during breakfast, just in case! When your lower lash mascara dries, just simply swipe off the powder, and ta-da, you’re going to be smudge free all day! This hack is probably one of my favorites within the best mascara hacks (tips) category because it’s just magical how a simple layer of powder can fix an issue that I’ve been struggling with for so long!

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