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Colourpop: BFF Mascara Review

With mascara’s, I’m looking for a product that curls my lashes, lengthens them, and doesn’t budge throughout the day. Also, since I apply many coats, I prefer a mascara that builds nicely and doesn’t bunch up into spider lashes. This product does EXACTLY everything that I’m looking for. The applicator has a nice curve to it so it really lifts my lashes, fans them out, and curls them so nicely. If I had to compare the applicator to another mascara I’ve used, it would be close to the L’Oreal Lash Paradise and the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I purchased the BFF Mascara in black and the color is super dark and coats my lashes perfectly. I also loved how the product didn’t really smudge throughout the day; it just wore great, and gave me voluminous lashes all day!

The product retails for $8 and it’s sold both on the Colourpop site as well as at Ulta Beauty (online and in-store). Although I picked up one of the most boring shades ever (I know, I know) I was just super curious about how the actual mascara was; the formula, the color, and its performance. Now that I know how amazing it is, I’m definitely going to be branching out and trying out some different colors! If you’re looking for a new affordable mascara that wears nicely, doesn’t clump, gives you volume, and has amazing color pay-off; then this one is the one for you!

BFF Mascara Tube
Close up view of the Wand!

9 of 10

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