Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers For This Holiday Season! | Makeup Edition

by Angie <3
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3) Becca Cosmetics: Mini Barbie Ferreira Prismatica Light Essentials Kit – $25.00

Becca has always been known for its highlighter formula being ultra high-shine, smooth, and just amazing. This holiday season, they have a set that includes three of their beautiful highlighters. The highlighters that are included in the set are in the shades Champagne Pop, Vanilla Quartz, and Rose Quartz.

Being an addict to all things highlighter, I can honestly say that their highlighter formula is next-level amazing. Their highlighters are very pigmented, buttery, and smooth, yet still look natural while also being blinding. When shopping for a Becca highlighter, their mini highlighter is priced at $22.00 and their full size is priced at $38.00. Now that we know how the items are when they’re regularly priced, this set makes it the perfect gift and bargain, since you get three amazing minis for only $25.00!

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