Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers For This Holiday Season! | Makeup Edition

by Angie <3
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7) Artist Couture: Diamond Lights Finisher – $25.00

When it comes to beauty influencers, one of my favorites is Angel Merino a.k.a mac_daddyy. I really love his personality, his sense of humor, and I just love his overall vibe! He launched his own brand, Artist Couture, and they have some seriously gorgeous products. One thing that Angel loves is glow. And when I say glow, I seriously mean glow!

Although Artist Couture has been launching some amazing products lately, the brand is very well known for its glowy products, such as their loose highlighters. They also have eyeshadow toppers available that are seriously out of this world gorgeous. Their Diamond Lights Finishers are marketed as multipurpose shimmering finishers that have loose pearls wrapped in silicone oil for optimal skin adhesion and diamond-like sparkle and shine. How amazing right?! These small finishers come in many different shades and seriously look wet on the skin when applied, making them the ultimate makeup lovers stocking stuffer!

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