Colourpop Lite Stix Highlight Review

by Angie <3

Verdict –> 4.5/5 ‘Hearts <3’!

When purchasing this product, I had no idea that I would love it this much! It’s so blendable, easy to build up, easy to apply, has a gorgeous color, and it really gives the skin that GLOW. I felt like I had to take 1/2 a point off of the score because I still prefer using a powder highlight because that’s just something I’m used to and I’m totally a creature of habit. Overall, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking this product out and giving it a shot; I hope you all love it as much as I currently do!

<3 Have you ever tried the Colourpop Lite Stix? Do you prefer a cream or powder highlight? Let me know!!

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