Market Saturation: Too Many Makeup Product Releases

by Angie <3

Imagine this. You open up Instagram and as you start to scroll, what do you see? TrendMood posted yet another makeup launch announcement! You look at all of the products and are intrigued with all of the shades but you can’t help and feel … overwhelmed? Well, you’re not the only one! Makeup product market saturation is real and here to stay, unfortunately.

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“Market saturation is the moment when a particular industry of products begins to overflow the sales space with more products than customers can handle; maximizing the max potential of sales and profit. Too many products, not enough engaging customers.”

If you’re a makeup fan (like me!), you probably know about the Instagram account known as TrendMood (@trendmood1). That account is the home for all things makeup; the A to Z on new launches, re-stocks, and makeup news in general. Every time I go on that account, it’s as though I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole that I don’t seem to want to get out of. All of the news, the swatches, the palettes; it’s mesmerizing to me!

However, I’ve noticed recently that there have been SO many new makeup launches. Although the makeup / cosmetic industry definitely has room for everyone and also has room for innovation, it feels like the makeup / cosmetic industry has turned into a race of who can launch the most products in the shortest amount of time. Some examples of brands who I feel have been launching so much lately include Colourpop (and all of their sister brands) and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

It honestly feels like its palette after palette, product after product; and to be honest, I feel overwhelmed.

Since there are so many launches happening so often, I feel like it’s sort of minimized my excitement and appreciation for makeup launches. Let me explain. Before, when a brand would launch a product, I was just stunned. I would look at all of the swatches, watch reviews on it (to decide if I really wanted it), and then I would even read some customer reviews! Now, with the increased frequency of launches I feel like when I see a launch, I’m intrigued, but in my mind I think “Okay; so what’s next?” It’s almost as though the over saturation (market saturation) of the industry makes me not really appreciate a launch when it happens. I feel like just the constant releases have caused the consumers to not be as excited and also to just feel sort of bored of the brand; basically immune to the launches.

Another note I’d want to point out about market saturation of the makeup / cosmetic industry is the financial strain on the consumer!

The reality of it is that the customers only have so much money allotted to spend towards makeup. But, I feel like when there’s launches left and right by a single brand, it’s sort of arrogant of the brands to take their consumer for granted! With the high volume of non-stop releases, consumers are left just skipping out on certain launches that they may want to purchase something from; all because of the poor timing of the overwhelming releases; hence, the market saturation. Personally, I’ve found that when a new product launches, I’m hesitant to purchase it because I’m thinking “What if I want to buy the NEXT product that comes out?!” Definitely not proud to admit that, but it has been so true, especially recently.

Aside from the financial aspect of it, I feel like nonstop makeup releases are just plain old confusing!

One of my favorite things about the upcoming holiday season is that makeup brands are going to be launching Holiday collections! Everything from the concepts to the packaging just gets me so excited. But, I’ve noticed, ever since the makeup / cosmetic industry has become this sort of race of who can pump out the most product the fastest, it’s sort of even ruined the holiday season launches. What do I mean by that? Well, certain brands have actually started launching and previewing their holiday collections starting at the end of this summer!! Their summer collection may have just ended, but we were already hearing about the holiday collection. I feel like it sort of defeats the purpose and just leaves the consumer so confused about the upcoming launches!

All in all, although I absolutely LOVE makeup and the makeup community; I feel like it’s just getting pretty overwhelming lately. How do you feel about the makeup / cosmetic industry’s market saturation? Do you guys agree with me? If not, what’s your opinion on the increased volume of launches? Let me know in the comments below! <3

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