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Write For Us - Beauty, Skin Care Tips, Beauty Hacks, Makeup Product Reviews, and More!

Here, at Simply Beauty Blog, we are looking for passionate and inspirational guest bloggers who embody the word, “Beauty.” From skin care tips and beauty hacks, to makeup looks and makeup product reviews, we want to hear and read your opinions, experiences, and learn more on how the world of beauty changed your life, as it did mine.

Write For Us | Beauty Guest Post

Write For Us | Guest Post Guidelines

1. Quality Over Quantity

  • Each article submission must be: original, “Beauty” related, well-written, extensively researched, and free of grammar / pronunciation errors. Submissions must be unique; you cannot reuse previously written work, whether it’s present on your blog or another website. Each article will be subject to a plagiarism scan and must pass the test to even be considered.
  • Title must be catchy and attention grabbing, whilst the article should be 800 + words, filled with extraordinary value and audience connection.
  • Each article must have proper formatting: headings, paragraphs, and bullets (if necessary).
  • Images help upscale any article; all submissions should have at least one picture attached. Copyrighted material will not be tolerated. Please submit pictures you own.

2. Who Can Write For Us?

  • The only prerequisite necessary to be considered to write an article for our guest posts, is the love for all things “Beauty.” New bloggers, freelancers, brands, and even experts are all welcome to join the Simply Beauty Blog family; just remember to have fun and showcase your voice in your writing.

3. Where to Submit Your Guest Post Article

  •  If you read the above requirements and feel the excitement tingling throughout your body, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]
  • Include in your email: 2 – 3 pitches on what you plan to write, a link to your blog / website, and a little bit about yourself.
  • Thank you for your interest in posting an article on Simply Beauty Blog. We really look forward to hearing from you!

4. Guest Post Article Accepted | What’s Next?

  •  Congratulations! Your pitch was approved and now it is time to focus on writing the article!
  • When finished with your article, please attach the following and send to the email:
            • Original, unique article with proper formatting
            • At least one picture to supplement the article
            • Personal bio showcasing yourself and your website
            • 1 Link to your webpage of choice; please include anchor text