Sephora Favorites For Holiday Shopping 2021 | Ultimate Guide for the Makeup/Beauty Lover in Your Life!

by Angie <3
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3) Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44.00)

When I first saw this product, I was honestly a little bit confused. Is it a foundation? Is it a highlighter? I honestly couldn’t really tell so I just put the product in the back of my mind and forgot about it. A few months ago, I went on a vacation and I tried this product out and I was stunned! I applied a bit of this product directly on my skin on the high points of my face, blended it out, and then put the foundation right on top. My skin had the most gorgeous, natural glow to it and it looked so radiant and so healthy; I was obsessed!

When looking at exactly what the product is, I’m still not entirely sure since it’s marketed as a “liquid tinted complexion booster”, so some may wear it as a highlighter and some may even wear it in place of their foundation. Regardless of what it is, I can wholeheartedly tell you this product is so great, the packaging is so luxe, and it’s definitely at the top of my Sephora Favorites!

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