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by Angie <3

In the midst of being quarantined in my home, I have stumbled upon a few revelations. First things first, I have endless amounts of time to work on catching up on all things Makeup; from watching beauty gurus’ to trying one – click shopping on highly wanted, definitely not needed, Makeup products on Amazon (it’s not my fault they made it so convenient). Secondly, gardening is beyond therapeutic and I truly recommend it to all of my Simply Beauty Blog Beauties to consider this hobby. Lastly, after spending so many weeks confined to these four walls, I started to notice how dull my apartment truly looked; like beyond embarrassing. It was time to utilize that one – click shopping on highly wanted, definitely NEEDED Amazon Home Decor.

Real – time Amazon Home Decor Haul Video

Amazon Home Decor: Dining Room

After touring my own home, as if I never fully analyzed it before, the biggest change was needed in the dining room. Yes, there is a gorgeous extendable table with a vase filled with handpicked pine cones (very extra as usual) but the wall behind this table was bland; just there with no decorations or vision. This had to be changed immediately!

Speeding through the endless catalogs of Amazon, I found a piece of decor that was eye catching on its own, but also provides an opportunity to develop it into a grand centerpiece. This item is called “KINGSO Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves.

amazon home decor
KINGSO Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

This item gave me a simple, rustic yet modern, twist that I was looking for in my dining room and the second I saw it, I knew it was going to be hanged as the center piece of that bland wall. As far as opportunities for developing this art piece, I went with placing pictures of myself and my boyfriend in the center, a small vase at the topic (similar to the picture above) and electronic candles at the bottom to set the mood; you Beauties know what I mean.

As amazing as this first Amazon Home Decor piece is, it provided a new challenge. The wall is HUGE and the floating shelves are quite the opposite. The answer to this dilemma? More floating shelves! These floating shelves are called “MELANNCO Floating Wall Mount Square Cube Shelves.”

These cute trio of floating shelves are actually squares (comes in a set of three in decreasing size; bought two packs for symmetry) that you can hang which would hold more decor within them. For example, I decided to hang the largest square and the smallest square in a spread pattern; the largest square held a succulent (didn’t I mention I love gardening now?) and the smallest square held a DIY home decor piece I made by filling a mason jar with crystals so it shines when the light in the dining room is turned on!

Putting all of the Amazon Home Decor floating shelves together, the once all – white (now off – white after living here for some time) bland wall, became a statement piece of the house!

Amazon Home Decor: Living Room

The next project in my Amazon Home Decor Haul was the living room. This room was already cozy with a “homey” feeling to it; but something was missing. If you haven’t caught on yet, this entire post is one big full circle montage and I say this because after watching all of those beauty gurus’ in my spare time, I decided my living room needed some lights; twinkle lights!

Overboard? Absolutely! These Twinkle Curtain lights are called “Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light” and they are MAJESTIC! I decided on a warm – white color to further improve that cozy feeling I keep mentioning (some people have day – light or bright white but those are TOO BRIGHT and reminds me of a rave instead of a setting of warm blankets and hot cocoa). These lights have several different lighting modes and in order to fill out the entire living room wall, I had to buy two packs; make sure to measure your wall to see how many packs you need to fill it up.

Lastly, what type of Amazon Home Decor Haul would this be without buying a nice, cute little table? In the corner of the living room, I have been fighting to fill in a small piece of wall between the balcony door and bedroom door. I tried to put frames, plants, and even a Christmas tree at one point. These never got the job done until I found this, “FURINNO Just 3-Tier End Table.

The “FURINNO Just 3-Tier End Table” was a PERFECT FIT! It fit in between the balcony and bedroom door wall while giving me the opportunity to place more succulents, frames of myself and my boyfriend, and a little fountain on top! It was the final piece the living room needed to make it all come together.

Amazon Home Decor: BONUS

Because the Simply Beauty Blog Beauties are amazing, I wanted to share this ONE LAST Amazon Home Decor Haul piece I got. It is honestly the cutest and most useful gadget I found and it’s called the “TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder.

The “TWONE White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder” is simply hanged on your wall by the doorway and allows you to quickly attach your keys magnetically! No more throwing your keys around and having to try to find them.

Amazon Home Decor Haul: Conclusion

I hope you all enjoyed my very first post in the “Shopping” Category. If you want to see the purchases I made in real time, watch the video I embedded in the beginning of the post for a real time walk through of my apartment!

Are you looking to “freshen” up your home? Share your ideas with me and the Simply Beauty Blog Beauties down below!

* Disclaimer: This Post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and purchase something, we may receive a small commission. This helps support our blog / YouTube Channel and allows us to continue to make more blog posts / Videos like these. Thank you for the support! – Love, Angie <3 ! *

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