Beauty Secret Alert: Best Eyeshadow Palette with Shimmer for YOU!

by Angie <3

Best Eyeshadow Palette with Shimmer

When it comes to eyeshadow, I’m a simple girl with an even simpler philosophy. The more glitter and shine; the better! Although I wear makeup daily to work, I don’t really have time to apply a full eyeshadow look, nor do I want to look too over-the-top for my job. Instead, whenever I go out (even on simple errands) I LOVE wearing any eyeshadow that’s just packed with glitter and glistens; hence the search for the best eyeshadow palette with shimmer!

I’ve always been on the hunt for the best eyeshadow palette with shimmer that shines and sparkles! But, I haven’t really found anything that just takes my breath away. UNTIL! A few weeks ago, I made a post writing about my Sephora wishlist (click here to check it out!). Following that post, Daniel and I went out to the mall and, one thing led to another, I couldn’t resist from my dose of “Sephora Shopping Therapy.” I walked into the store anticipating that I would guilt myself into not buying all of the beautiful products of which surrounded me, but, something ended up catching my eye that I just couldn’t resist! So, what’s this magical product?

The Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyshadow Trio!

best eyeshadow palette with shimmer

It’s the Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyshadow Trio! I’ve seen this product on many beauty blogs and Youtube channels for a while now, but I never really thought it was anything special. But, once I picked up this product and swatched it, I just knew that I HAD to have it in my life. Not only is the packaging super innovative and eye-catching, but the shimmer and sparkle from this eyeshadow is MIND BLOWING!

The eyeshadow is packed with super micro-fine glitter that is super easy to apply, doesn’t fall out, lasts all day, and most importantly SPARKLES like no other. Seriously, the way the shimmer catches the light when it’s on your eyes is just mesmerizing.

They have many different eyeshadow trios; some trios contain all shimmers and some have both shimmers and mattes. Personally, I have many matte eyeshadows so I was more interested in getting as many shimmer shadows as possible. As far as the shades, they offer a wide variety ranging from wearable nudes/browns to bright pinks to golds! I decided to go with the Rosewater Trio which is described as having rose tones.

“The sheer amount of sparkles and radiance is just ONE reason why I believe this is the BEST eyeshadow palette with shimmer for YOU!”

Guys, when I say this shimmer eyeshadow is game-changing, I really really mean it. It’s so gorgeous that it will literally have everyone mesmerized by the shimmer.

The best part about this product? There are a few! This product is super pigmented, meaning a little goes a long way (which means it will last longer!), shines like no other, and it is also pretty affordable for the top-notch quality ($21 for 3 eyeshadows!).

If you haven’t tried out these eyeshadows and are into glittery and shimmery shades, I HIGHLY recommend giving this eyeshadow trio a try; you won’t be disappointed. <3 If you are looking for the best eyeshadow palette with shimmer, this is the perfect purchase for you!

What are some of YOUR favorite sparkly eyeshadows? Have you ever tried this one? Let me know below! 🙂

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