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by Angie <3

At this current moment, we’re all quarantined, practicing our social distancing, and I can’t help but catch myself just feeling so blah at literally random hours of the day. Since I’m home all day every day, I can’t help but feel a bit down on myself since I don’t really do my makeup because I literally don’t even have anywhere to go. I haven’t been keeping up with new launches, haven’t been trying out new products; basically, I was in a makeup rut. I even caught myself reading my previous – original makeup routine for oily skin, which started to brew a few ideas…

New Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

As a result, a few weeks ago I said enough is enough and I told myself it’s time to get back into makeup! Although I know that makeup isn’t needed, I feel the entire process of applying it so therapeutic and it helps me feel a bit more beautiful and put together. Fast forward half an hour, and I’m already knee deep in researching about products! I picked up some new items to try and I can’t believe it, BUT, I think I found a new long-lasting makeup routine for only skin! I tried some new products, tried some old ones I had laying around, and even discovered some tips, and I just HAVE to share these new holy grail products for my oily skin with you guys!

1) Primer: Smashbox Primer Water and Elf Matte Putty Primer

The first step in my makeup routine for oily skin, regardless of what kind of look I’m going for, is primer. Primer is a non-negotiable step for me because I feel like it just makes my makeup really settle in, and it really helps to make it last all day (all while keeping my oils at bay!).

I purchased the primer water a long time ago but I never really knew how to use it so I just put it away and kind of forgot about it. But, while in quarantine, all things go so I decided to give it a shot and I fell in love! Once I spray the primer water, I wait for it to dry and then I apply my holy grail ALL time favorite Elf Matte Putty Primer on top of it to really ensure my makeup stays in place for as long as possible without getting oily.

Elf Matte Putty Primer

This combination works perfectly to really lock in my makeup and for some reason, I feel like the makeup sort of glides on much better with both of the primers as opposed to just the Elf Putty on its own.

2) Foundation: Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

As you can tell by now, I have pretty oily skin, hence the “Makeup Routine for Oily Skin” title, so I’m constantly on the hunt for a foundation that’s matte, leaving your skin with a natural look. As a makeup consumer, I really love to get the majority of my products at the drugstore. Of course I love the occasional high-end splurge, but, I honestly feel as though you can get super high quality products that perform as good (if not better) than high-end products.

I’ve seen this foundation making its rounds on many channels but for some reason I just never got around to picking it up, until now! I literally LOVE this foundation and I’m so upset I waited this long to give a try!! The coverage can be built up to be super full, but it can also be worn as pretty natural as well.

It comes with a paddle inside of the foundation as the applicator which makes it super easy to dot all over your face, brush, or sponge. It doesn’t cake up throughout the day, and it literally works so great to give your face that matte look, while still looking super natural.

3) Setting Powder: Maybelline Shine-Free Oil Control Loose Powder

Although the foundation that I apply is pretty matte, I still always need to set my face just to ensure that everything is set in place and it ensures that I don’t get shine throughout the day. On this blog, I’ve written a bunch of posts about different setting powders, and for some reason I never even considered this one before!

I feel like I’ve just glanced over this powder a few times but I never gave it a shot because I haven’t heard much buzz about it. Until one day, I was at Wal-Mart and decided to try it out. This powder, although I’ve been using it a few days now, I can say is just amazing. I use right after I apply foundation with the same damp beauty sponge, or sometimes I go in with a brush to really pat into my skin. It mattifies my entire face, sets my foundation, doesn’t alter the foundation color, eliminates shine, and it also doesn’t cake up on the skin! It’s seriously does everything that I look for in a powder; a must – have part of a makeup routine for oily skin!

One thing I have to mention though, the packaging doesn’t really feel the most luxe, but that is expected since it’s a drugstore powder. For me, packaging doesn’t really matter a whole lot as long as the product inside is high quality, which this one is!

4) Bronzer: Maybelline City Bronzer

The Maybelline City Bronzer has been a tried and true for me for over a year now. Almost every time I do my makeup routine for oily skin, this is my go-to bronzer! It blends out perfectly, it’s matte, has a natural finish, and it’s also affordable. What more can you ask for? I also have a pretty hard time finding a bronzer that doesn’t have an orange or red undertone to it, but this one, is just perfect! The undertone is more neutral so it ends up looking super natural when I apply it on the skin. Also, since it’s neutral, I can use this product as both a bronzer and a contour (if needed!).

5) Blush: Maybelline Fit Me Blush – Pink

For a while now, I’ve been such a huge fan of all things blush! I love how blush just gives you a super youthful look to the skin, and it adds a little flush of color to your face. As I mentioned, I am the BIGGEST fan of drugstore hidden gems, but I’m even more of a drugstore fanatic when it comes to blushes.

I honestly have never felt the need to really splurge on a high-end blush since.. ever! I personally love powder blushes, as opposed to creams, and I have found a few amazing blushes at the drugstore that work perfectly for me. When it comes to blush, I don’t really look for much other than the fact that it can be buildable (so I don’t look like a clown right off the bat), and for it to have just the right amount of pigment. Click here to read about my favorite drugstore blushes!

Although I have my all time favorite blushes that I’ve been using daily, I wanted a blush that was more of a true pink shade. So, I was on the hunt and I stumbled upon the Maybelline Fit Me! Blush in the shade.. Pink! It is the perfect shade of pink, it’s buildable, has just the right amount of pigment, and it’s also matte so it looks more natural when applied to the skin! Ever since I picked it up, this blush has been just the cherry on top of my daily makeup routine for oily skin and I’m just obsessed with it.

6) Highlight: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Loose Highlight

The final step in my makeup routine, is highlight. Of all of the steps I go through, this one is always my absolute favorite. Whether I’m having a super casual makeup day or if I’m trying to go all-out, highlight is never negotiable. A few months ago I gave the Wet n Wild Loose highlight a try and I honestly don’t think that I’m ever going to be needing a new highlight (I probably will, but just not yet…).

This highlight is so beyond easy to apply, provides a beautiful glow from within that can be built up to be super intense, and is just totally GORGEOUS. If you want to read a full review on this amazing highlight, click here!

New Makeup Routine for Oily Skin: Final Thoughts

I hope you guys like my updated face makeup routine for oily skin that has been working absolute wonders for me and my oily skin! Also, you may have noticed that I’m not adding any setting spray and no, that’s not a mistake! With these products and this exact routine, I’ve really found that I don’t need to set the makeup whatsoever because those products are just that great!

I hope you guys give some of these products a try and you love them as much as I do. What’re some of your favorite makeup products? Have you ever tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments down below!! <3

* Disclaimer: This Post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and purchase something, we may receive a small commission. This helps support our blog / YouTube Channel and allows us to continue to make more blog posts / Videos like these. Thank you for the support! – Love, Angie <3 ! *

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