How Do I Fix My Cakey Makeup? Tips to Avoid Cakey Foundation!

by Angie <3
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Step 3: When Applying Foundation To Your Nose, Apply Sparingly!

Now that we’ve prepped our face, it’s time to apply our makeup! So far, we’ve done the steps that are necessary to ensure that the makeup on our nose is going to be smooth throughout the day without any bunching. Now, we have to make sure we apply the makeup properly so that all of that work for our base isn’t put to waste!

When it comes to ensuring my foundation doesn’t cake up or look too heavy around my nose, I’ve found that what works best is to barely apply any product to it! Hear me out. When you’re applying foundation to your face, apply it everywhere (cheeks, forehead, etc.) and then use the remaining product that you have either on your sponge or on your brush to apply it to your nose. Although it may seem like you’re not really applying much to your nose, trust me, it’s enough! You’ll still get coverage on your nose, however, you won’t have too much product, hence, no cakey makeup! I started using this technique a few months ago and I’ve been so impressed with how different it makes my makeup look and settle on my nose; you’ll love this tip!

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Canvas of a Face January 23, 2020 - 11:38 pm

I’ll have to give this a try with the foundations I’ve found that tend to cake up on my face. Thanks for sharing! XOXO Emma|| Canvas of a Face

Angie <3 January 24, 2020 - 12:29 am

Isn’t cakey makeup so annoying?! This routine was definitely a game changer! Let me know how you like it! <3


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