Is the Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara Worth It? A FULL IN DEPTH REVIEW!

by Angie <3
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Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara | My Experience

To give the mascara a true test and to see what it really does for my lashes, I applied it on my lashes without any mascara primer. I’m personally a huge fan of mascara primer since I feel like it really adds an extra oomph to the final look, however, I didn’t want to use it during my first application so I can see what this product was really all about. The second that I used the Thrive Mascara I was SHOCKED at what it did to my lashes.

My lashes have seriously never been longer, whispy, and just plain gorgeous. I built the formula and added a few layers to see exactly what would happen and this mascara definitely passed the test. It layered beautifully, made my lashes appear thicker, and it also lengthened my lashes great. On my bottom lashes, the mascara really made them pop and it helped to add a dramatic yet natural look.

I’ve found that this mascara really does a great job of giving an actual lash extension look, all while being your real lashes. My eyelashes looked super long, very separated so there was no clumping, and they lasted all day.

I want to quickly mention that this mascara really did wonders for making my lashes appear longer, however, it didn’t do much for curling them since it is more of a straight wand. If you want to get a bit of volume on your lashes, I recommend layering a curling mascara right on top to do the trick. One of my favorite volumizing mascaras is the L’Oreal Voluminous Curved Brush Mascara, and it layered great on top of the Thrive Mascara.

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara
Up-close look at what my lashes look like using the Thrive Mascara. The length is insane!

When it came to the mascara, I was already totally obsessed with how the formula applied and made my lashes look. However, one of the other intriguing parts of this mascara to me was its wearability and how it worked when it came to removing it. As far wearability is concerned, I found that this mascara wears great throughout the day. When you first apply it, the formula is a bit wet, however, once it dries there is absolutely no transfer. Throughout the day, the mascara doesn’t transfer on my eyelids, and it also doesn’t lose it’s length or anything along those lines.

The best part about this mascara is that it doesn’t smudge along my lower lash line. I struggle with mascara transferring from my bottom lashes constantly, especially because I liked to build up my bottom lashes so they look super long, and this mascara doesn’t transfer whatsoever which is so amazing. One of the things that make me so obsessed with this formula is how natural and whispy it makes my lashes look. The mascara applicator/wand has so many tiny bristles on it, which basically ensures that every single lash will be coated in mascara giving you a super fanned out, natural, and separated look.

The first time that I removed this mascara, I was super curious to see what this tubing formula was all about, and if it was really worth it. To remove my mascara, I usually use my favorite Garnier Micellar Water, followed by some warm water to really get every bit of mascara off of my lashes. I can’t even begin to explain how skeptical I was to remove this mascara with only warm water since it was against pretty much everything that I was used to.

I took some warm water to my eyes, and I was amazed at what I saw. Since this mascara is a tubing mascara, when you apply warm water to it, it comes off in little tubes/clumps. It seems a bit strange but this makes it so easy to remove every last bit of product, and the best part of all, it doesn’t give you raccoon eyes when you’re removing it! Although I initially thought it was a gimmick, this product made me a huge believer in tubing mascaras. It’s so simple, doesn’t require any additional makeup remover, and it is not a messy process whatsoever!

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journeynal September 23, 2022 - 8:56 pm

Hai! I have short eyelashes, that’s why I like using mascara. I like your writing. it’s very inspiring. Loveee

seema June 9, 2021 - 12:17 am

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