Milk Hydro Grip Primer DUPE! | ULTIMATE Dupe on a Budget [2023 Edition]

by Angie <3
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My Final Thoughts: E.L.F Jelly Pop Dew Primer

If you have oily skin like myself, this primer doesn’t make your skin more oily throughout the day or shiny at all! It just truly grips your makeup up on top and really makes your makeup LAST! I can tell this product makes a difference because I decided to really put it to the test.

One day, I applied my favorite mattifying primer before my base and wore it throughout the day. I noticed my skin looked pretty matte, but at the end of the day, I started to notice a tiny bit of normal makeup separation and oiliness. Although that’s normal, I wanted to see if the Jelly Pop Dew Primer could help with that.

The next day, I applied the Elf Jelly Pop Dew Primer all over my face and used the mattifying primer over top of it in my T-Zone. Then, I applied my base makeup and saw what happened throughout the day. By the end of the day, I was stunned by how my makeup looked! All of my foundation was really in place, my blush, bronzer, etc. were still visible, and I had no shine at all!!! I couldn’t believe it, but I was so glad it was true.

If you’re looking for an affordable primer (a Dupe for the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer at $8.00) that, in my opinion, is an exact dupe for the Milk Hydro Grip primer, then look no further than the ELF Jelly Pop Dew Primer. This primer really grips the makeup onto your skin, helps with the longevity of all of your products, and your foundation literally won’t move one bit after a long day. This Milk Hydro Grip Primer dupe, along with my favorite mattifying primer, has become one of my go-to’s and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot! *3 HIGHLY’S were definitely necessary 🙂

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