Milk Hydro Grip Primer DUPE! | ULTIMATE Dupe on a Budget [2023 Edition]

by Angie <3
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Primer: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

And NOW.. for the dupe we’ve all been waiting for. As I mentioned a few moments ago, one of the things I really look for in a primer is to grip my makeup and have it stay on my face as the day goes by. For my birthday a few years ago, my boyfriend got me a Sephora Play! Box subscription (thank you babe <3!) and one of the items in that box was the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer.

As a girl with oily skin, the second I saw the word “Hydro” I was immediately a little terrified, not gonna lie. But, I decided to give the product a shot because I already had it in my hands and what was the worst that could happen? Well let me tell you, the worst thing possibly happened. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PRIMER! Of course that’s not actually a terrible thing, however, with a primer that carries a $30 price tag, I was a little bummed out. I used that mini size until the very last drop and mourned each day after it was all gone (dramatic much?).

I fell absolutely in love with the Milk Hydro Grip primer because it was one of the only primers that I’ve tried that really helped my makeup adhere to my skin and really stay put throughout the day. When you first apply it, it has a slight cooling sensation and when you spread it on your face, it feels so tacky and sticky; it even seems a little wrong at first. But, this magical primer really gripped my makeup, smoothed my skin, and didn’t contribute to my oiliness AT ALL! It was a miracle; an expensive one, hence the beginning of the search for the Milk Hydro Grip Primer dupe.

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