BB Cream Vs CC Cream | The ULTIMATE Guide! [Updated 2023]

by Angie <3
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My Favorite CC Cream – It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ ($39.50)

And now, for my favorite CC Cream! For the longest time, I always saw the It Cosmetics CC Cream make its rounds on the beauty blogs and in YouTube videos, but I was a little hesitant to try it given the price point. A few years ago, I got a gift card to Sephora and I just knew the first thing I had to do was to get my hands on this product and give it a shot. Let me tell you, it only took one application for me to fall in love with it and know that this product is a game-changer. The It Cosmetics CC Cream can honestly pass for a foundation since it has a much thicker texture and a fuller coverage when compared to my favorite BB Cream. The product provides a light to medium coverage, wears great throughout the day, and it really works great to even out your skin tone, and still gives a natural finish.

When looking at the specifics of the product, it claims to hydrate your skin, diffuse skin imperfections, and provide a natural finish to the skin. A few of the ingredients in this product include Collagen (supports skin elasticity for a youthful appearance), Niacin (which promotes an even skin tone and helps to fight the appearance of acne), Peptides (helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles), and Hyaluronic Acid (attracts moisture to your skin while boosting elasticity).

This CC Cream works really great to provide a good amount of coverage to my skin and it also has all of those amazing benefits as well that work wonders on my skin. Since I have oily skin, I’ve found that this product really provides a radiant finish, but I have to apply a matte primer underneath in order for it to last throughout the day. A few years ago, they released a Matte version of this product which also works super great. However, I’ve found that when comparing the Matte CC Cream to the Original formula, the Matte one is great if you want a super-duper Matte finish on your skin while using a matte primer with the Original CC Cream is perfect for a natural finish that isn’t too flat or matte; the perfect combination.

When applying this product, you definitely have a few options. When I want to have a more natural look on the skin, I like to apply this product with my fingers because it tends to sheer out the coverage. However, if I want more of a full-coverage situation on my skin, then I go in with a damp beauty sponge and it works perfectly! If you’re looking for a product that’s lighter than a foundation that will still give you great coverage, provide tons of skincare benefits (as well as SPF), and leave your skin looking radiant and natural, then this product is definitely a must-try!

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